Career Information

On Campus Services

--Career Services offers many tools for job searches including:

Grad student-specific tools, including info on academic and alternative careers,
On-campus interviewing, and
Port Triton, a link to job searching.

Online Resources

-- MentorNet's award-winning One-on-One Mentoring Programs pair undergraduate and graduate engineering and science students with professionals in their field. The program is open to all eligible UCSD students seeking a professional mentor. It's also FREE!

--BMEnet offers information on job openings in the biomedical sciences and will email you when openings come up.

--BioSpace, in addition to info on biotech companies, has job listings for those in science-related fields.

--For those just about to finish grad school and interested in a post-doc, check out offerings from the National Institutes of Health, especially:

NIH Research Training Opportunities inside and outside the NIH, and
Career-building Tools
--Check out what the NIH is doing for women in science-related fields at Women in Science

--The National Science Foundation offers science, engineering, and science education positions.

--Science Magazine's Science Careers Forum is dedicated to matching qualified scientists with jobs in industry, academia, and government.

--AWIS hosts a Careers page that is full of links to jobs, internships, scholarships, and more.